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The Facts About New Construction HVAC Systems

Fact #1
Did you know that in Florida, for residential home builds, professional duct designs are not required by code?
Fact #2
Many homeowners and builders may pick the most basic HVAC option because no other options were presented.

“We have strong quality control processes to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.”

Clayton Burkhardt, Founder of Streamline Air

New Construction HVAC in Sarasota
and Surrounding Counties

With new construction, HVAC is often overlooked. Many clients don’t know what they wish they had, until the home is built and it’s too late to make changes.

With new home construction, the design and configuration of HVAC systems should be done optimally the first time. When you design your HVAC system right the first time, you set yourself up for greater comfort and decades of reliable, high-performing heating and cooling.

At Streamline Heating and Air, we work with our home builders at every step of the way. We even connect with our future homeowners for a “no box left unchecked” approach.

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Elements of Design in the New Construction of Your HVAC System

While minimum design specifications per code exist, these specifications don’t always meet homeowners’ expectations or comfort. Every client has a different comfort level for temperature, humidity, and comfort. It’s important to know what your expectations are in where you will spend the most time to get the right HVAC configuration and design for you.


With Streamline Heating and Air, your comfort is always our number one priority.

With homes being built more efficiently and up to the latest building codes, the amount of air conditioning per square foot has drastically changed. As a result, zoning systems have become increasingly more valuable.

With our inverter technology units, we can zone as little as one bedroom or a single office. Do you need zoning in your new home?


Let the Straightforward Professionals at Streamline lend you a hand.

We strive to set clients up with the most user-friendly and efficient filtration systems. 

Streamline offers upgraded filter cabinets and filter back vents as a standard option with the new construction of your HVAC system. The question to ask yourself is:

Wouldn’t you prefer to avoid crawling through your attic to change a filter every 1-3 months?


We’ll take care of the heavy lifting. Straightforward answers, and simplified solutions — that’s the Streamline Difference.

When it comes to new HVAC construction — particularly dehumidifiers — minimum design specifications exist.

But even with these design specs in place, they still won’t ensure your home will be as dry and comfortable as you’d like.

A whole-home dehumidifier can help your house breathe and alleviate the moisture and stuffiness you may run into without a dehumidifier.

Ahh, a fresh breath of air. Bring some breeze into your home with the positive pressure of a whole-home dehumidifier.

With new home designs and modern innovations, the types of vents you’d install are likely some of the last considerations on your mind.

At Streamline Air, we’re well-versed in the design and functionality of HVAC vents. We can accommodate any personal preference.

Choose between standard and linear vents for a refreshing new take on your new home build.

A/C ducts: they’re crucial to your home. And installing them right — the first time — is key to the success of your new HVAC system.

We’re extremely knowledgeable about designing A/C duct layouts for optimal airflow. 


With current trends in new construction homes, duct vents aren’t always accessible after construction is complete. If not installed properly, you could face more headaches and hassle than you signed up for.


At Streamline Air, we work with your home builders to ensure that your HVAC system is done properly before drywall is installed.


We’ll have your new HVAC system up and running right the first time. We work in partnership with you and your home-building team.

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When you choose Streamline Air’s Emergency HVAC services, take advantage of:

“We have strong quality control processes to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.”

Clayton Burkhardt, Founder of Streamline Air

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Hi, I’m Clayton Burkhardt, founder of Streamline Air. We’re here to help you get the construction of your new HVAC system right the first time around.

At Streamline Air, we know how important it is to have everything just right on your new home build, which is why we focus on providing quality new HVAC construction services to you. We’re proud of our reputation as Florida’s top HVAC construction company.
Our ability to pinpoint problems accurately, efficiently, and honestly gives us the confidence to provide quick, straightforward answers to you. Our goal is to help our clients make the best decisions for their families and their budgets.
After nearly 20 years in business, we’re honored to be Sarasota, FL’s heater and air conditioner repairmen of choice.
Get to know your local repairmen! We look forward to helping ensure your health and comfort.

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